5 Locksmith Tips to Keep Burglars Away This Holiday Season

5 Locksmith Tips to Keep Burglars Away from Your Home This Holiday Season

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The holiday seasons are always a great time to celebrate family and get out of the house for family gatherings. However, Dallas homeowners need to keep in mind that while they are out enjoying festivities there are nefarious people in the area that are keen on who leaves their home and when the perfect time is to break in and get some illegal holiday “shopping” done.

Aaron’s Locksmith believes that you need to keep your home safe this holiday season, so we have come up with five ways to make sure your gifts stay under the tree this year.

1. Keep Gifts Out of Site

Speaking of gifts, this is the perfect time of the year to buy them, and burglars know it. When you go out and buy gifts this year for your family and friends, make sure to keep the fruits of your labor out of sight.

Do not place gifts in areas of the house that can be seen through windows or glass sliding doors. This is basically an open invitation for unwanted visitors to sneak into your home.

2. Be Careful OnlineBe careful what you post online

Much like leaving gifts in the window, posting too much about your whereabouts and actions on social media can also be a threat to your home’s security. This doesn’t mean you need to stop talking about your festivities online, just make sure that you practice the art of “vaguebook” when you plan on leaving the house or got yourself a brand-new gaming system.

3. Install Access Control to Your Doors

Extra security is always good, and now is the perfect time to look into access control to keep your home safe. With access control, you make the decision of who gets into your home and when. This can be utilized through a digital pin number, fingerprint, or even facial recognition. Simply call your local Dallas locksmith to find out the best solution for you and how to get access control installed for you today.

4. Get Motion Sensors Running

Motion sensor lights are a great way to keep your house secure during the holiday season. Your local locksmith in Dallas will have a good idea of where these security measures should be placed for the maximum effect.

Wireless camera systems combined with motion sensor lighting is a great way to keep yourself updated on the happenings at your home while you are away.

Be aware of door to door sales5. Be Wary of Donation Seekers

We know this is the best time of the year to give. Unfortunately, you can’t be sure of who it is coming to your door. The best bet for door to door donation seekers or solicitors is to not give out any personal information or information on where you will be in the coming season if you plan on going out of town.

Aaron’s Locksmith & Security Will Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

Home security is one of the last things that you want to worry about as a Dallas, Arlington, or Fort Worth homeowner this holiday season. Call Aaron’s Locksmith and let us do the worrying for you. We are a full-service Dallas locksmith company that specializes in installing security systems that will keep your home secure. Call today for more information on our services and products.