5 Signs That Your Home Isn't a Security Haven

5 Signs that Your Home Isn’t a Security Haven

Tall Trees Hide Burglars

Your home is your fortress and keeping your fortress secure and safe should be one of your top priorities as a homeowner. Many Dallas homeowners think that their home is fairly secure, but many would also be surprised at how vulnerable their homes are to burglary.

Especially during the holiday season, it is important to take some extra precautions when considering your home’s security. It isn’t all surveillance cameras and access control, though. Find out some of the most overlooked ways that your home remains unsecured, even after you think you have locked up your doors tight.

Lots of Trees and Plants in the Front Yard

Trees and plants are wonderful to have, but they can also create an opening for your home to fall prey to a security breach. If your trees and plants are not trimmed back or are covering up the doorway, this is an easy way for burglars to cover up and hide while they wait for you and our family to leave the house.

The Spare Key is Under the Door Mat

This is probably one of the biggest security mistakes that people make. Everyone knows that doormats, obvious rocks on the porch and other items are notoriously used for hiding the spare key when you go out of town. If you plan on doing this you may as well have a sign on your front door that says “No security here, please take only one thing.”

If you absolutely must resort to letting someone gain access to your home, invest in an access control system where getting into your home becomes a part of a specific code that only you and the other person know.

Evidence of Expensive Things

Even though you will be proud of that new television that you pick up on Black Friday, be sure to shred the box before disposing of it. Leaving boxes outside that held your expensive items is akin to creating a shopping list for burglars that are eager to get inside your home.

Don’t Forget the Back Door

We always obsess about making sure that the front door is locked before leaving on an outing or going to bed. However, some homes have backdoors that are frequently forgotten about. Don’t forget to place a heavy-duty lock on these areas of the house that are more susceptible to someone simply walking in.

Overstuffed Mail is a ThreatLetting the Mail Pile Up

By letting the mail pile up or leaving the bins out when it isn’t trash collection day you are sending a message to would-be burglars that you either aren’t home or are relatively careless about your belongings. Don’t let laziness be the reason you get robbed.

Aaron’s Locksmith Knows How to Secure Your Home

If you are worried about the security of your home this holiday season, give Aaron’s Locksmith a call. We are a full-service locksmith that is able to secure your home through high-tech means like access control or more traditional locks and keys. Call us today to find out about our security options for your Dallas-Fort Worth home.