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5 Things to Learn From Recent String of Robberies in Plano TX

Many of our posts include information about certain products, techniques, and ideas to apply at home in order to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe. However, sometimes it takes unfortunate, real-life examples to further demonstrate exactly why the implementation of a quality home security system is so important. In many cases, it can be the difference between preventing a potential robbery and returning to a ransacked home. The latest trend of robberies in Plano serves as such an example.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern families have become targets of recent serial robberies because of their culture. Although the latest string of thefts have occurred in Plano, similar cases were reported last year across Collin and Denton counties. The burglars have broken their way into each of the homes through the glass back door. Thankfully, one of the homeowners affected had a video surveillance system installed around his home, which clearly shows two suspects breaking in. Plano Police shared the digital video surveillance footage and are currently searching for the suspect.

These robberies have undoubtedly changed the lives of each of the families affected, disturbing their sense of personal security and peace of mind. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims. However, if anything good can come from these serial burglaries, it is that other Dallas residents can take away a few valuable lessons from it. Here are 5 things that every homeowner can learn, presented by a Dallas locksmith. 

1. Importance of Video Surveillance In and Around Your Home

In the case of home robberies, it can be difficult to identify a suspect. If the culprit is wearing gloves to prevent fingerprints around the home, there is very little evidence that can be used on the hunt to locate them – especially if there is no witness. Fortunately in this case, one of the homeowners affected had video surveillance cameras installed around his home. This captured clear evidence of the burglary and helped police identify and locate the suspects. Otherwise, they could have very well gotten away with it.

Home video surveillance systems can help you keep a close eye on your home while you are away during the day and even while on vacation. By placing them strategically around and/or in your home, you can have peace of mind that if a robbery does occur, you will be able to provide police with evidence that can lead them to the suspect. They will be put away before victimizing another family and could even help police recover some of the items that they have stolen.

2. Glass Back Doors Are Popular Entryway For Burglars

As we mentioned before, the key similarity between all of the Plano robberies was that the suspects entered the homes through glass back doors. The back door is already one of the most susceptible parts of a home. However, back doors made of glass are at even greater risk. The glass can be broken, the bars can be bent, and intruders can climb right through the home without ever disturbing the door or triggering the alarm – which is exactly what happened in the recent rash of Plano robberies. In order to prevent this from occurring in your home, beef up your home security system. The best home security systems will trigger an alarm at any sign of tampering, even if the actual door is never opened.


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3. Video Surveillance Systems Alone Do Not Prevent Robberies

Although security camera systems are a must-have for every protected home, they cannot prevent burglaries alone. Even the best home video surveillance system requires support from a house security system and home door lock. The Plano homeowner we mentioned earlier had 8 surveillance cameras installed around his home and still fell victim to robbery. Hence, a truly secure home includes a combination of many preventative measures and does not rely on just one.

 4. Master Bedroom is Still #1 Target of Theft

Burglars only spend 8 to 12 minutes in the homes of their victims. Therefore, they have to be very strategic about the rooms they raid in order to grab as many valuable items as possible. The master bedroom is the most commonly visited room, as it contains many precious possessions such as jewelry, electronics, guns, and electronics. Even if they don’t have enough time to make any other stops throughout the home, thieves will have their hands full with what they are able to locate in the bedroom. Invest in a security safe to lock away all of your most valuable belongings. That way, even if an intruder is able to make their way into your bedroom, they won’t be able to access your most prized possessions.

5. Even Homes in Safest Cities Require Effective Home Security
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Plano is known to be one of the safest suburbs in the metroplex. In fact, Forbes magazine named Plano the safest city in the country for two years in a row. However, this does not make Plano residents immune to burglary. It can be easy to fall into a lax mentality when it comes to your home’s security, assuming that you and your family will never be struck by a break-in. Yet, this negligence can put your house at serious risk. No matter how safe your neighborhood may seem, it is still important to seek the best security options for your home.


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