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Is an Access Control System Necessary for Your Business?

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When you imagine an access control system, you might envision a high-tech building with a vast web of security cameras, proximity alarms, and keycard entry points. However, today’s door access control devices are accessible to even  small business owners with a handful of employees, as well as high-tech firms with thousands of employees.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Should I install an access control system for my business?“, this blog might help you make a decision.

What is an Access Control System?

Access control systems allow the administrator to selectively grant access to their building through the distribution of access cards to authorized individuals. So, if you’ve ever used a card with a magnetic strip to access a room or building, you’ve used an access control system.

Not only can access control systems help you restrict access to authorized personnel, but they can also keep track of who enters the building and when.

Why Do Businesses Need Access Control?

Even if you have the utmost trust in each of your employees, the security of your business is still an essential factor in keeping your business safe for current and future employees. Access control also helps keep your company property and on-site inventory safe. You don’t get that benefit with strong lock and key systems. In fact, one major disadvantage of a strong lock and key system is the frequency at which new keys are able to be made. If you hire a new employee and need a new key for him or her to access your building or you find that you need to rekey your building that would require a lot of time and money. With an access control system, you can retain the security of your establishment without spending money on brand new locks and keys. Instead, you just reprogram the card your employees already have. When an employee departs your company, a simple deactivation of his or her card is all that’s needed to deny their access to the building.

Evaluating Your Business’s Need for an Access Control System

Restricting access to your property is an important consideration, but it’s true that not every business will need to install an access system. Although an excellent set of locks and other security measures can provide an effective web of protection for your business, an access control system may be the best way to solve certain problems.

Consider whether any of the following security issues apply to your business property:

  1. Are there assets located on your property that may fall victim to theft?
  2. Do any of the rooms at your business require highly restricted access?
  3. Is it important to track when each employee enters or exits the building?
  4. Does your business have more than 50 employees who all need keys?
  5. Do you regularly need to have new keys made for temporary access?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, an access control system may help.


What Types of Businesses May Benefit from Controlled Access?

If you own any of the following types of businesses, an access control system may offer you superior protection:

  • An apartment building where new tenants need new keys and departing tenants must turn in their old keys.
  • An office building with business tenants who need to give their employees keys (or access cards) to get inside each day.
  • A large company with many employees where keeping track of arrivals and departures is important for inventory control and theft deterrence.

Ensuring Continued Support of Your Security System

If you’ve decided to install an access control system, there’s a good chance this security feature isn’t the only part of your overall security system. After receiving professional installation, you may want to arrange for regular inspections from a trusty locksmith like Aaron’s Locksmith and Security.

If you need to expand your business security with an access control system, or you need to update your current access control system, contact Aaron’s Locksmith and Security for an appointment and security assessment.

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