Avoiding Fake Local Locksmith Scams

Avoiding Fake Local Locksmith Scams

Avoid Local Locksmith Scams

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it seems like criminals are all gearing up to come up with the next big scam to take unsuspecting community members by surprise. One of the biggest scams that is likely to come up this holiday season is that of fake locksmiths.

A locksmith scam is easy for someone to fall into. If a person were to lock themselves out of their car and require a car locksmith, they would simply search for a close locksmith. Scam artists have been able to create faux accounts on Google and are sometimes the “locksmiths” that people get a hold of.

These con artists usually perform poor work and overcharge the customer, often leading to the victim needing to call a real Dallas locksmith because of this “unlucky incident.” This scam is nationwide and is sometimes hard to detect. Here are some of the best ways to avoid a locksmith scam and ensure that your residential security is taken care of by a licensed, Dallas locksmith.

1. They Answer the Phone in an Odd Way

The first signs of a locksmith scam are seen when you call the number and a dispatcher answers the phone, not a locksmith. They will not answer with the name of a business because most of these scams are linked to several fake business names routing to the same center. To be sure that you are talking to a legitimate Dallas locksmith, ask the name of the business that you have reached just to be sure.

2. Not Dressed for the Job

This is probably the easiest telltale sign that you are being scammed. If the locksmith shows up in street clothing and has no visible form of identification, you are most likely in the presence of a crook. A genuine locksmith will always wear a uniform and show ID. Be wary though, even some scammers are smart enough to not trip over this crack in the scam world.

3. Arrives Later than “Guaranteed”

Most fake locksmiths will promise a 15-minute response time, or something along those lines. If your locksmith says they will take a certain amount of time and end up taking 1-2 hours to show up, that is a sign that they are not located as “local” as Google has led you to believe.

4. Insists on Certain Payment

Residential and commercial locksmithing is a business. Businesses accept most forms of payment without issue. If your locksmith requires cash-only, or just the use of debit cards if cash is not an option, move on to a legitimate locksmith company, because this one is a scam trying to avoid traceable credit card charges.

5. Never Seems to Fix the ProblemFake locksmiths will not fix a problem

If your representative comes out and says they can’t fix your lock because it is “too advanced” or your car is “too old” or “too new” to be unlocked. Scammers will then use a drill to destroy the lock, and replace it with a cheaper lock for a much higher price than the “19” dollars that were promised in the advertisement for services.

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