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Car Key Replacement Key Fob Replacement in Dallas

Car Key Fob Replacement

Key Fob Replacement from Your Experts at Aaron’s


At one time, in the not-so-distant past, key fobs were simply ornamental pieces that could be attached to the end of a key ring to either make a set of replacement car keys easier to find, give a sense of expression to the key rings’ owner, or both. They could represent an athletic team or hobby; they could express brand loyalty to a certain company or designer. There were also key fobs that were more practical than decorative, boasting items such as bottle openers, small screwdrivers, compasses or mini-flashlights.


How Have Key Fobs Changed?


In the last few years, the purpose of fobs has continuously changed and evolved with technology. Automobile manufacturers began to infuse the already-popular shape of key fobs with more and more functionality. Key fobs are now used to allow drivers to access their cars remotely, to lock and unlock cars, start the engine—a process called remote keyless ignition or RKI—and open the trunk.


What Do Key Fobs Do Now?


While most car manufacturers provide fobs that will, at least, engage locks and the car’s trunk, there are a number of innovations that set car designers apart. They range from basic to all-powerful, with some fobs even allowing for driver memory to set the seats and mirrors if more than one person drives the car. And many cars are now completely undriveable without their key fobs. In a short period of time, car key fobs have become purely ornamental or utilitarian to absolutely necessary for most drivers to even start their vehicle.


What Happens If I Lose My Key Fob?


There are also several different methods for how to choose the right car key replacement if a key fob is damaged or lost. Replacement key fobs can be purchased at automotive parts stores and car dealerships, but this can be expensive and reprogramming a key fob can also be confusing, unless done by a professional auto locksmith. Aaron’s Car Locksmith can ensure that your key fob is replaced quickly and programmed accurately to match the make and model of your specific car.


Who Should I Call If I Misplace My Key Fob?


Losing your car keys, regardless of the form they come in, can be more than just a little frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be overly stressful, completely ruin your day, or leave you stranded. As your professional auto locksmith in Dallas-Fort Worth, Aaron’s Locksmith and Security will be able to provide you the most efficient, cost effective car key replacement and key fob replacement. If you need to have your car completely re-keyed, and you have the correct paperwork, they’ll be able to help you when you’ve misplaced or broken your keys and need a replacement key fob. And if you need to have extra key fobs made for your vehicle, Aaron’s car locksmiths have the necessary tools and expertise to make and program perfect duplicates for you, and are always available to help you with the lock & key services that you require to get back into your vehicle quickly.


If you are having issues with your car keys or need a car key replacement be sure to contact our experienced car locksmiths. Aaron’s Locksmiths are available six days a week and serve the Dallas Fort Worth area.

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