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When To Change The Locks In Your Home

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One of the most basic services offered by a locksmith is changing locks on a house. With everything else locksmiths now offer such as gun safes and home security systems, changing home locks sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. Here are a few reasons homeowners seek the services of a locksmith in Dallas to get their locks changed.

Home Burglary Locksmith Needs

Coming home from work or vacation to find someone has broken into your home is a devastating life event on many levels. Walking in to discover your valuables have been stolen, things have been taken which can’t be replaced such as family heirlooms, or your beloved pets have been allowed to escape can be awful. Homeowners experience a mixed combination of feelings. The initial shock often gives way to anger. That anger can then lead to fear when you realize your home, and you, may have been cased (watched) observing your habits to see when you weren’t home. If house keys were stolen, locks damaged or just for peace of mind, you’ll want to contact a locksmith near you to come out and change the locks in your home.

Changing the Locks in Case of Home Invasion

If it’s a home-invasion style robbery while you and your family are home, then the situation is exponentially worse. Full-scale home invasions, or criminals waiting to rob homeowners in their own driveways almost always involves weapons and life-threatening violence. Homeowners may want to address their security as soon as possible before a traumatic event like this occurs. Aaron’s Locksmith offers emergency locksmith services and can come out to change the locks in your home anytime you need.

Hopefully, if you’re the victim of a home-invasion or robbery, you’ve installed a home video surveillance system as well. Having home security cameras can help police identify suspects. Once the police release the images to the public, it’s often just a matter of time before the suspects are identified.

Locksmith Services During a Divorce

In most states it’s legal to have a locksmith change the locks in your home during a divorce. It’s an unfortunate fact that divorces can turn nasty. During a divorce emotions on both sides can be running high causing people to act and do things they otherwise would not do. During the divorce the person staying in the house may have a definition of being “separated”, which is different than the person who moved out. Discovering the other person has been home for lunch while you were gone, or taken property from the home such as televisions, computers other valuables is stressful to say the least. Ask your attorney if it’s possible and advisable to change the locks in your house before more property is taken, or even maliciously damaged.

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