Choosing The Right Video Surveillance System, Home & Business Security

Choosing The Right Video Surveillance System

Video Surveillance Camera

A video surveillance system is an essential piece of any security system whether you live in a humble residential home, own a giant corporation, or have your own small retail store.

Advancements in surveillance technology and security devices have meant the increased availability of security systems. However, many of the questions asked by individuals in need of security systems have remained the same.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re in the market for a new video surveillance system.

Discreet Cameras or Noticeable Cameras

One nugget of wisdom often talked about on security advice columns is the impact a surveillance camera might have on a thief if the burglar can see the device. A surveillance camera that’s in plain view may act as a theft deterrent, but a hidden camera may have a greater chance of catching the face of the person trying to break into the premises.

If you choose to have hidden cameras installed, you may want to go with a dome camera, which manufacturers offer in very small sizes. The ultra-compact nature of dome cameras means they’re ideal for circumspect surveillance. It’s also helpful to consider pan-tilt-zoom cameras if you need to ensure full surveillance of a large area.

Indoor or Outdoor Cameras

Many of today’s advanced surveillance video cameras are suitable for use inside or outside a building. However, there are some features you may want to include in your surveillance setup if you need to install cameras outside. There are cameras that offer a more durable exterior than others and that can survive inclement weather.

It’s important to note that some interior locations might need a beefy camera housing, too, or a camera that can withstand environmental factors like smoke. A camera set up in a restaurant kitchen will need to be able to withstand heat. A camera in a club will need to work well in low light conditions and when people might be smoking or using fog machines.

Getting the Right Cameras for Your Property

The size of your property will influence the type of cameras that will offer your home or business the most protection. If you need to survey a very large area – perhaps an entire parking lot – you probably want to go with a camera that can pan back and forth. If you have a small room that needs guarding, a camera with a fixed position should be just fine.

The size of your property may also influence your choice of wired or wireless cameras. The affordability of wireless cameras today and the ease of setting up a Wi-Fi network often means you can install wireless cameras without too much trouble. However, particularly large properties may need to have a WAN network on site for wireless capability.

Image Details and Resolution

The clarity and detail offered with today’s video surveillance systems are excellent, but you may not need to spend the money on the most expensive resolution you can find for your surveillance cameras. In most cases, small areas are suitable for medium-resolution cameras, and large areas are best for high-resolution devices.

The quality of the camera will also come into play if you have extreme lighting conditions to deal with on a regular basis. Not only will some cameras need to “see” in the dark, but some may also need to be able to adjust to things like shade and sun over the course of the day. Even the changes of the seasons may require thought as far as the light sensitivity of the cameras is concerned.

Do You Have Questions About Video Surveillance?

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