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Dallas Transponder Key Replacement and Programming

As the technology in the automobile industry continues to become more and more advanced, the services we need for our vehicles like diagnostics, repairs, and even key replacement, must keep up with these technology advancements as well. With most new vehicles, even ones that are still equipped with traditional key ignitions, they have technology built into the keys that helps in the prevention of automotive theft. In the past when someone needed a new key made to replace a lost key or to have a duplicate key made in case of misplacement, a key cutting machine would just match the cuts and grooves of the original key and that was it. Today, key replacement and key duplication requires much more technology than a simple cut of the metal; instead, they need to be cut to match the car locks and have the correct chip already installed which then has to be programmed to communicate with the vehicle to allow it to be used to unlock and start the car, which are commonly referred to as transponder keys.

Transponder Key Replacement in Dallas

Your Dallas locksmith from Aaron’s Locksmith & Security can not only get you back into your vehicle when you are locked out, they can also provide you with a transponder key replacement if you have lost your keys or need a duplicate made. A transponder key has a chip key, also known as a microchip, implanted that has its own unique serial number that works by exchanging info through a radio transmission between the key and the vehicle. The vehicle will only be able to start if it recognizes the serial number embedded within it Electronic Control Unit (ECU). When you need transponder key replacement in Dallas or the surrounding area, the trained locksmiths at Aaron’s Locksmith & Security can provide all of your key replacement and programming needs.

Transponder Key Programming

With the higher level of auto security and theft prevention technology built into keys, most consumers think they have to go to their dealership to get a key replaced and programmed. This is not true. In fact, if you go to the dealership for transponder keys, you will end up spending a lot more than what it would cost you to call your Dallas locksmith. As an expert in transponder key programming in Dallas, Aaron’s Locksmith’s have access to every type of key for nearly every make and model vehicle no matter how new or old. Whether you need a replacement key made so you are prepared for that “just in case” moment that you lose your keys or lock yourself out of your car or if you are stranded without a spare key and you need emergency locksmith service to get back in your vehicle, come into our Dallas locksmith store or contact us so we can send an automotive locksmith to you. From Garland to McKinney, Arlington to Frisco, Downtown Dallas to Carrollton, Aaron’s Locksmith & Security is the locksmith that has you covered for every Dallas transponder key replacement and programming need.

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