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Don’t Be the Victim of a Home Security System Scam

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Home security systems today are widely available and provide a wealth of different options that range from simple proximity alarms to advanced wireless surveillance systems. However, there are some unscrupulous people out there who seek to rip off unsuspecting homeowners with scams involving fake home security systems.

How do you avoid these scams? It can be difficult when you’re subjected to high-pressure sales tactics by scammers who have a lot of experience getting people to believe things that aren’t true. The very existence of high-pressure sales tactics is a pretty good indication that a business might not be as honest as it seems.

Here are a few scams that you should watch out for if you’re searching for a new security system or you’re looking to upgrade your present security system.

The Fake Sales Representative

One common tactic is for a scammer to approach a house he knows has a security system. The scammer will attempt to perform an “upgrade” or sell additional equipment under the guise that he’s part of the security company a homeowner already has installed.

The swindle occurs when the scammer pretends to upgrade various features of the security system but doesn’t actually perform any upgrades. The scammer might also try to sell additional equipment but fail to actually install the equipment. He might even install fake equipment that doesn’t actually do anything.

The Traveling Scammer

Many scammers don’t actually live in the towns where they practice their cons. They don’t want to get caught in their own neighborhood. You’ll see a scammer travel around their region and try to sell people fake equipment or upgrades. Since the scammer will disappear shortly after he completes “work,” it’s impossible or very difficult for law enforcement to help.

One simple way to tell a scammer from a legitimate business is to see if the scammer has a real telephone number that goes to a local office. If you’re not quite sure if a number actually goes to a local office, you can also inspect the office of the installer. They should have one that’s relatively close by, even if it’s a few towns away. There should always be a legitimate office.

Fake Service Contracts

One of the scams criminals try to sell is a service contract for monitoring services. Monitoring services vary significantly in their cost, but it’s often easy to find an affordable monitoring service with a local security business or with a nationally recognized security company. Scammers try to sign people up for service contracts where they’ll demand all the money up front for the monitoring service and will disappear the second they have the payment.

These scammers and other traveling criminals will also try to deal solely in cash. Every once in a while you may find a very small business that doesn’t accept credit cards (they are becoming quite rare, though), but a “company” that will only accept cash has a significant chance of not being a legitimate business.

Don’t Get Caught in a Home Security Scam

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