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How Secure is Your Commercial Building?

How Secure is Your Commercial Building

Securing your business’ with a strong and updated video surveillance and remote access system  is vitally important for a number of reasons. A safe building not only minimizes loss due to theft, but a building with a good system also makes it safer for employees and clients who may visit your location.

Theft, damage, and accidents can often negatively impact your company’s bottom line, so it’s essential to take the following steps to secure your commercial building.

Ensure Good Lighting Around the Perimeter and Inside Your Business

No matter the size of your building,  adequate lighting is important. If your company is the sole inhabitant of a building and the structure is on a large property with a parking garage or parking lot, it’s essential to provide lighting in a variety of areas that include:

  • Parking garage (or parking lot)
  • Walkways into and out of the building
  • All entrances and exits
  • Entry and exit to the street
  • Inside at all doors and within all rooms

Your commercial locksmith expert can help you eliminate any gaps in coverage and enhance the safety level of your business lighting.

Contact Aaron’s Locksmith and Security to find out more about our Dallas Fort Worth Access Control Systems and how they can increase the security of your property.

Ensure Monthly Monitoring and ServiceCommerical Security Systems

From visual security like surveillance cameras to safety features like good lighting – will help reduce theft and violence at your business. However, you may also want to consider setting up a monthly monitoring service, too. The size of your property will likely influence the type of monitoring you select.

Properties like factories, manufacturing plants, and very large office buildings may benefit from the restricted access provided by an access control system, but it may also be necessary to hire guards for the property who will patrol at night when the facility is empty or virtually empty.

Other business owners may benefit from a remote monitoring system installed in conjunction with a comprehensive security system that features the “eyes” of surveillance cameras, as well as a variety of proximity alarms.

Professional Service From Your Dallas/ Ft. Worth Locksmith

Do you need to upgrade your current surveillance cameras? Is it time to better secure your growing business? Contact Aaron’s Locksmith & Security for details on how we can help you create a safe and secure environment for your business.

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