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The safety and security of your home or business are paramount, and Aaron’s Locksmith & Security is here to help you with all security needs from emergency locksmith services to comprehensive security system planning. Here are some of the ways we can help you improve the security of your Addison home or business.

Addison Locksmith Services

When you need a licensed locksmith in Addison, your first call should be to Aaron’s Locksmith & Security. We understand the hassles you face when you’re locked out of your car, or you accidentally left your keys inside the house.

For a locksmith in Addison contact Aaron’s Locksmith and Security!

Our residential locksmith experts have a variety of tools to open any type of lock. Don’t try to break the glass or climb into a second-story window to get back in your home. Give us a call, and a home locksmith will arrive quickly to help you get back in your home and on with your day.

We also offer locksmith services for your car and can open any door whether you drive a classic vehicle, or you just drove your new truck off the lot. It’s important to contact a licensed automotive locksmith because we can open your car swiftly and without damaging the vehicle.

Video Surveillance Systems, AddisonVideo Surveillance System Addison, Home Video Surveillance

If you have blind corners around your home and you can’t always see what’s going on outside, you may want to invest in a video surveillance system for your home or business. Not only will a surveillance system help you maintain the safety and security of your home, but it will also offer some conveniences you’ll grow to love.

If you’re upstairs and you hear the doorbell ring, all it takes is a quick look at your monitor to see who’s at the door. Avoid unwanted visitors and salesmen by knowing exactly who’s at the door and when it makes sense to answer.

Access Control Systems

Businesses today must think about the safety and security of their employees, as well as valuables, equipment, and merchandise stored on site. Access control systems are an easy way to maintain security, and they’re also a versatile option for getting rid of the hassle of keyed entries.

Consider how easy it will be to update the “lock” on your doors when an employee departs. Instead of tracking down a key, you can simply bid your employee farewell and update the codes to the door. Easy and quick!

Addison Security SystemsSecurity Systems Addison TX, Wireless Security System

If your Addison home isn’t protected by a security system, now’s the time to call Aaron’s Locksmith & Security to discuss the affordable and effective features of today’s home security systems. In addition to utilizing wireless surveillance cameras, modern residential security systems are also easy to use and program, and feature “smart” controls where you can monitor and update your system with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Commercial security systems are similarly versatile and are also easy to install whether you own a cozy little “mom and pop” store, or you’re in a standard office environment. You may want to think about how business security systems pair well with access control installation and surveillance cameras. Leave no facet of your business unprotected.

Locks & Keys Services

Not only can our local locksmiths help you when you lock yourself out of your vehicle or home, but we can also help when your locks aren’t in such good condition anymore. After a while, all the WD40 in the world won’t make your locks work smoothly, and it’s best to consider home lock replacement.

Did you know? New locks are one of the easiest and fastest ways to improve the security of your home.

If you’re worried that you only have one key to your car, or you’ve outright lost the one key you had, we also offer car key replacement. Our competitive rates mean you’ll probably save money over taking your car to the dealership. Give us a call to see if we have your key in stock. We carry many makes and models of car keys.

Home & Business Safes Addison, TX

When you require enhanced safety for valuables in your home, personal safes are one way to provide an added layer of protection in your home. If a thief is brazen enough to enter your home despite your security system, home safes are an effective way to fight against determined burglars.

Likewise, gun safes are also an essential option for protecting your home’s possessions whether you enjoy hunting and wish to keep your rifles locked away or whether you own a handgun for personal protection.

Like safes in your home, our commercial safes also help prevent the loss of money and important documents, as well as anything that shouldn’t be readily available during business hours. Business safes help save your company money by reducing potential losses that can happen during a burglary.