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Are you looking for a new lock for your Arlington home? Perhaps you’re interested in installing a state-of-the-art security system with surveillance cameras and an access control system. Aaron’s Locksmith and Security is your experienced and professional Arlington locksmith, and we offer a variety of security and locksmith services.

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Locksmith Services

We use locks everywhere in life, and they’re one of the easiest ways to secure a property, home, and vehicle. However, when you lose the key to your car or accidentally lock yourself out of your Arlington home, locks suddenly don’t seem so convenient. If you’ve found yourself locked out of your home, contact Aaron’s Locksmith and Security, and we’ll send out one of our residential locksmith professionals to get you back inside.

In addition to our home locksmith services, we also provide car locksmith assistance for those times when you lock yourself out of your vehicle. A specialized auto locksmith is always best for opening your vehicle because of the advanced and computerized nature of vehicle locks today.

Home Video Surveillance for Added SecurityVideo Surveillance, Locksmith in Arlington TX

Video surveillance is a popular topic today in security circles because it’s so readily available for home and business. Surveillance cameras used to be the domain of convenience stores and spy movies, but today they’re available in just about any configuration and for any budget.

Beyond a basic surveillance system, you may also want to discuss special features like wireless video cameras, infrared cameras, and timed recording. If you’re looking to install a video surveillance system, you have endless choices for technology and camera placement.

The surveillance systems of the last decade would often use VHS tapes that would eventually look so grainy that the video would be nothing more than a big, fuzzy picture. However, today’s high definition cameras can see anything anywhere, even at night.

You can store and review days upon days of recorded surveillance video with today’s large hard drives. The monitors and drives required for the system are also highly affordable.

Key Replacement in Arlington

“These guys are the best and VERY honest! Drove from Fort Worth and definitely worth the trip. They saved me about $60 that it would have cost me to have a new truck key made at the local dealerships. You cannot beat friendly honest service!!!” -Shaun H.

Gun Safe Installation

“Purchased a gun safe and had it installed.  Aaron’s did a great job.  They delivered the safe and had it installed quickly. They also installed the goldenrod dehumidifier that I had purchased separately.  Good job!  I’d definitely recommend them for all your locksmith needs.” – Phil Y.

Access Control Systems

Access control is an essential extra layer of security for your Arlington-area business. Although we can assist with any lock problems you might experience, installation of an access control system will mean you’ll never have to deal with lock problems again.

Although you can choose to keep traditional locks on your home or business for some entrances, an access key system will save you time each time you or one of your employees enters the building. It’s also helpful to install an access control system in your home so you can give people like the babysitter or dog sitter easy access to your home without handing over a key.

Best Home Security Systems

Your home is your castle, and residential security systems are the best way to ensure your family’s safety, as well as the safety of your possessions. Even if you don’t have high-value items in your home, it’s devastating to lose mementos and family heirlooms to a burglary. Home security systems help make it difficult for thieves to randomly choose your house and successfully break into the residence.

If you own a business, how long has it been since you installed the security system? Was it installed when you purchased the property or has it been years since you looked at the new features of today’s business security systems? Call us for a consultation on how we can use commercial security systems to boost the safety of your business property.

Complete Service Locks & Keys Locksmith, Arlington

Arlington Locksmith, Key Replacement ArlingtonThere are many reasons you might require home lock replacement, and we offer every type of lock for every type of door. If the locks on your home are old and a little rusty, you might want to think about replacing them. It’s a budget-friendly and immediate way to boost the security of your home.

We can also provide key replacements for any vehicle whether you drive a pickup truck, a zippy compact car, or a family sedan. Car key replacement can run a little expensive if you take it to the dealership, so check with us first to see if we can save you some money on your replacement car key.

Security Safe Arlington, Locksmith Arlington

Visit either our Arlington or Dallas Safe Store today!

Safes for Home & Business

You might enjoy hunting and own some rifles, or you may want to protect your family with a firearm like a handgun. To keep your family protected, as well as your firearms out of the hands of intruders, you’ll want to take a look at our gun safes.

If you need to protect other items, we can also install home safes that fit into the floor of your closet or can be hidden behind a picture. Personal safes come in a variety of sizes and with different types of locks.

We also install commercial safes for your business whether you need a small safe to store important documents or a secure safe to store money during the day. Our business safes help deter theft and keep your workplace secure.