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Aaron’s Locksmith and Security offers a full suite of security and locksmith services for your Dallas-area home or business. Whether your needs are great or small, we can make your life more secure.

Need a local locksmith for your home, business, car, or safe? Contact Aaron’s Dallas Locksmith.

Car Locksmith Dallas

One evening you’re walking with friends out to your vehicle after seeing the Mavericks play, and you realize that you can’t find your keys. You look in the window of your car and notice you dropped them on the floor in the front seat. One of your friends offers to open the door and swears it’s easy to get into a locked car. Wait! Stop!

Unless your friend has special tools and equipment to safely open your car door, politely decline and call a professional  car locksmith from Aaron’s Locksmith in Dallas. You don’t want to risk having to pay for an expensive repair. A car locksmith comes prepared with a variety of tools to open virtually any door, and you don’t have to worry about broken glass and malfunctioning locks.

You’ll also want to have Aaron’s Locksmith and Security on speed dial just in case you get locked out of your home and require a residential Dallas locksmith. You’ve got a million things going on each day, and sometimes it’s just too easy to leave the keys on the counter and lock your home up tight with the keys inside.

A home locksmith in Dallas will have tools to handle any type of lock, and it doesn’t matter what time of day your lock yourself out of your home as we also offer last-minute locksmith services.

Residential Locksmith for All Your Locks & Keys

You rely upon the locks on your home, vehicle, and business to keep your property safe, and like many areas of your home they do require maintenance and eventual replacement. If you come home each night and have to fiddle with the lock a little too long, you might want to consider home lock replacement. It’s a swift fix, and you can even get a better lock installed for better security.

Aaron’s Locksmith & Security also offers car key replacement, which can get pricey if you decide to head to the dealership to get a new key.

Commercial & Home Dallas Safes

Security Safe Dallas, Gun Safe Dallas

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A security system with a surveillance system is an essential method for keeping your possessions out of a thief’s hands, but you may also want to take a look at home safes if you have valuables on the property. Likewise, if you’re a hunter or own firearms, guns safes might be an option for maintaining a safe and protected home.

In addition to personal safes in the home, your line of work may make business safes a necessity. Although you might associate commercial safes with those in retail spaces, you may also want a safe for an office environment if you have valuable deeds or papers with original signatures.


Dallas Digital Video Surveillance SystemsHome Video Surveillance Dallas, Security Systems

Whether your home is in a gated community with a security patrol or whether you live in an established yet safe neighborhood, your home and family can always benefit from the installation of a video surveillance system.

When you choose to install a video surveillance system from Aaron’s Locksmith and Security, you’re adding an additional layer of protection beyond what your basic system may provide. If your home is burglarized, a surveillance system might be the best option for identifying and locating the thief.

Reliable Dallas Locksmith

“They are very helpful and reliable. They give you great service and quality. I recommend everyone to use this company for your keys. Good pricing as well. Scott is the one that helped me out and he was very helpful and courteous.” – Alejandro R.

Quick Key Replacement

“Just got 2 keys copied here. They were very fast, it felt like I was only there a minute, and a good price ($3 each) for quality work. Put them on key rings for me, and was very polite as well! Over all, they were great to me!” -Julia A.

Access Control Systems

Your business has a security system that provides protection at night, but you’re looking for additional security during the day. You might consider installing an access control system that will limit access to authorized personnel and help keep track of employees and visitors.

An advanced access control system enhances security for a downtown Dallas office, as well as provides protection for a residence in the suburbs. Access control means doing away with keys that can be copied and which may require a complete re-keying of a business upon the departure of an employee.

Dallas Home Security System, Commercial Security Systems DallasDallas Security Systems

Home security systems today come in all shapes and sizes and are appropriate for just as wide a variety of homes and businesses. Perhaps you own a small “mom and pop” store with a Reagan-era surveillance camera and an ancient security system.

We’ll evaluate your business and tell you how new business security systems are effective and budget friendly. Interested in large-scale commercial security systems? We’ll evaluate any size property.

If you’re looking at residential security systems for your home, you might think all the bells and whistles are out of reach. However, you might be surprised how even simple home security systems provide advanced protection and even offer features like door-break sensors and timed lighting.