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For assistance with locks, surveillance, safes, and everything related to the security of your home or business in Grand Prairie, Aaron’s Locksmith and Security is available to help with comprehensive security and locksmith services. We are your go-to security source whether you need to install access control at your business, or you’re looking to upgrade your home security system.

Grand Prairie Locksmith Services

Work with our local locksmith for any key and security needs including locks for automobiles, residential homes, and commercial buildings. We’ll deploy our mobile locksmith immediately when you call.

For locksmith and other security services in Grand Prairie, contact Aaron’s Locksmith and Security.

Expert Automotive Locksmiths

Car Locksmith Grand Prairie, Car Key ReplacementA variety of reasons may require that you seek help from an automotive locksmith. If you’re stuck with your keys in your car and need an emergency locksmith, we’re locally available to help. If you just purchased a used vehicle and want to update the locks, our car locksmith can help update your vehicle. Our automotive locksmith has the tools to deal with any key emergency.

Quick Residential Locksmiths

Did you know the residential locks on your home are one of the most important facets of your home security system? As your home locksmith, we’ll make sure your doors have the latest in high-tech locks and will keep intruders out whether it’s a casual thief or a career criminal.

Professional Commercial Locksmiths

You’ve put time and energy into building your company, and an essential part of keeping your employees safe is restricting access to authorized personnel. Our commercial locksmith will examine your facility and ensure total safety.

Grand Prairie Security Cameras & Video Surveillance

An affordable and impressive feature of any modern security system, video surveillance is available for virtually any building from single-family homes to large commercial buildings and factories. Advancements in wireless technology have significantly reduced the installation headaches of video surveillance systems, so you don’t have to deal with wires, cords, and other hassles. We’re experts in wireless video surveillance, and we’ll help design a video security plan that will keep your property safe and secure.

Access Control

Restricted access is simpler to install than you might think, and access control systems provide a huge boost to your overall security. You know how important it is to keep your employees safe, as well as the property housed at your commercial location. Security access control helps your employees feel safe while also preventing theft of company property and inventory.

Security Systems Grand Prairie TX

Security systems today are a ubiquitous part of residential homes and commercial buildings. From home security systems that come with all the bells and whistles to comprehensive business security systems, our security experts will upgrade your old system or install a brand new system with efficient and professional installation.

If you’re working with an old proximity alarm that you’ve had for a few decades, now might be the time to upgrade your Grand Prairie home to include video. Our security camera systems are a terrific addition to any residential home and can help you avoid blind spots around your property. We can install cameras and security features almost anywhere with modern wireless security systems.

Locks & KeysLocks in Grand Prairie, Key Replacement

You probably have a dozen keys on your keychain. Take a look at them. Are some of those keys old and looking a little worn? The locks they open might need replacement, too.

Home Lock Replacement

Locks and keys do eventually need upgrades and replacement. Let us update the old locks on your home with updated deadbolts and other highly secure options. Home lock replacement is an effective way to increase your home’s security without spending too much on new equipment. Key replacement is a quick and valuable update to keep your family safe.

Car Key Replacement Grand Prairie, TX

Most of us will lose a car key once or twice in our lives, and it’s never a good idea to have a vehicle with only one working key. Let us handle your car key replacement so you’re never totally locked out of your vehicle. We can perform key fob replacement for cars that have security systems, and we can also fix or replace the keyless entry on your vehicle.

Home and Business Safes

Home Safe Services Grand PrairieInstalling a safe in your home or business is a simple way to increase the security of your possessions in the event an intruder gets past your security system. A gun safe can keep your firearms out of reach of thieves, and fireproof safes will ensure your important documents remain intact in the event of a disaster. We install home safes and commercial safes, and we can make suggestions on the best safe for your circumstances.

If you have a security need or question about your home or business in Grand Prairie, give Aaron’s Locksmith & Security a call, and we’ll get to work finding a security solution designed just for you.