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Preventing Pranks From Becoming a Home Security Threat

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Halloween is a fun time for kids and adults a like. Candy, costumes, decorations, and haunted houses are favorite pastimes for many people. Pulling pranks is also something people enjoy doing, particularly on Mischief Night which happens on the Eve of Halloween. Children and sometimes adults pull pranks like toilet papering a tree in someone’s yard or ringing the doorbell and running away. But when do harmless pranks become harmful and compromise your home security? Your Dallas home security experts are here to help.

Take Advantage of Video Surveillance

The “clown epidemic” is something trending in our newsfeed and no one is sure if it’s a prank or a dangerous group of people out to hurt others. Many of these clowns have been spotted holding machetes and trying to lure children into the woods. Whether this is a prank or not is completely unknown, but it’s simply gone too far. If you’re worried about something like this happening in your neighborhood, consider installing a video surveillance system outside of your home. You’ll be able to catch the culprit and keep your home safe.

Get a Home Security SystemSecurity Systems Dallas

Are you worried about vandalism? Pranks like spray painting garage doors or egging someone’s house are illegal, but that doesn’t stop people who think it’s funny. A good home security system will protect you and your home from threats that you aren’t even aware of. If a prankster or vandal knows that you’re property is protected by our security experts, it will at least deter them from their original plans.

Lock Your Doors Between Trick or Treaters

During all of the door bell ringing and handing out candy to the neighborhood kids, it’s easy to forget to lock your door between trick-or-treaters. This basic rule of thumb seems to be thrown to the wayside during all of the excitement of Halloween. Not only does your home become an easy target for burglars, it also becomes the perfect place to pull a prank. Getting inside your home should be the hardest part for anyone that isn’t supposed to be there, not the easiest. A good locksmith in Dallas will be able to secure your home with a lock that will keep you safe from outside threats.

Lock Your Car Doors

Even your car can become a victim of mischief if you don’t have it in your garage or at least locked. The last thing you want to have happen is someone getting inside your car and putting something in the back seat to scare you when you head to work the next day. This is a good time to also check to make sure your car alarm works to ward off any mischievious characters who think they can mess with your car.

Make Sure the Motion Sensor Lights Work

The easiest way to catch someone doing something they aren’t supposed to is by literally shining a light on them. Motion sensors switch on when something passes by the sensory device. If you see it flip on in places like your backyard or near your garage, you’ll be alerted to whatever is outside. It might be just the neighbor’s cat or it could be the teenager from down the street who likes to give people a good scare on Halloween.

Aaron’s Locksmith Can Secure Your Home for Halloween

Our home security services are designed to meet all of your needs and put your worries to rest. We enjoy Halloween just as much as anyone else, but we enjoy the feeling of safety even more. Contact us today for more information about what we can do to secure your home before Halloween!