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Access Control System

Door Access Control Systems Dallas

Aaron’s Locksmith & Security offers installation of residential and commercial access control systems in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metroplex, as well as a full suite of locksmith services. Today’s access control products are light years beyond their predecessors, and they’re a terrific option for business or home.

If you need to limit access to your home or office building, a door access control system will help keep your Dallas property secure and your employees safe.

Installing Your Access Control System

An access card control system is used when you need to allow only certain people into the building. These card access control systems can guide who can access the property, as well as what time those individuals are allowed to use their access cards. Everything about a modern electronic access control system is automated and networked for extreme convenience and ease of use.

In addition to restricting access to authorized personnel, today’s access control system manufacturers have also designed programs that can track the access habits of everyone who enters the building. So, for example, it’s possible to track how long employees go to lunch or the average time when people arrive for their shift.

Alarm Lock Access Control System By Dallas LocksmithDesigning Commercial Access Control for Dallas-Fort Worth Businesses

There are many options available for today’s building access control system, and one of the features some businesses choose to install is a multi-layered approach to employee access. The system may require a visitor to present their access card at the entrance to the property to gain access to the parking lot and then again as they enter the building.

Further, additional restricted areas can be designed into the system, which helps a business manage access to secure areas where few people are authorized to enter. Conveniently, Honeywell access control systems are a comprehensive approach to access control that means everything is connected, as well as easy to modify and update.

Contact Aaron’s Locksmith and Security to find out more about our Dallas-Fort Worth Access Control Systems and how they can increase the security of your property.

Double Mag Magnetic Lock For Access Control By Locksmith DallasIn a building that doesn’t use an access control system, termination of an employee usually requires tracking down a set of keys and spending time to make sure the employee no longer has access to restricted areas. With card access control systems, all that’s required is an update to the computer program to invalidate the employee’s access card.

You won’t be stuck wondering whether the employee made copies of his keys, which would mean he could still access the building. Changing locks whenever an employee leaves can become costly if your company must redo all of the entrances each time an employee departs.

Home and School Security

It’s easy to think of a large office building when you think of a physical access control system, but there are other circumstances where it might make sense to restrict access. For example, as a homeowner, you can improve the safety of your home by giving family and authorized people an access card instead of keys. Your babysitter, housekeeper, and anyone else who regularly accesses your home will have an access card, and if someone loses their card, it’s easy to update the system with new codes.

Likewise, safety at school is another concern for today’s administrators, teachers, and students. Access control for schools is an efficient way to restrict access to administration offices, teacher lounges, and storage areas. An access card might also come in handy for access to the faculty parking lot or other areas that students aren’t allowed to be in.

Whatever your business or home security needs, we can update or install your access control system. We offer competitive prices and excellent customer care services for security systems installed in Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth, as well as the entire metroplex.