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Automotive Locksmith

Car Locksmith Dallas

Aaron’s Locksmith & Security offers a full-service mobile locksmith business with a full staff of professional technician’s who are specially trained to service all your Arlington and Dallas  car  locksmith needs and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Texas. Our response time is among the best in the area while our reputation and customer service is second to none.

Our Automotive Locksmith Services & Products Include:

Broken Key Removal

Our highly trained and insured experts can remove, fix and repair broken keys from most automotive ignition systems. In addition, we are qualified to replace your existing ignition switch if necessary. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured to give you peace of mind that we can get the job done without damaging your vehicle. We are here for you need when need us the most.

Car Key Replacement

If you need replacement car keys, we can help. We maintain a vast inventory of thousands of blank keys for any make and car model, and can even program transponder keys in a flash. Not every automotive locksmith can offer this valuable service at unbeatable prices. Our rates are so competitive that we can offer this service much lower than traditional dealers.

Keyless Entry

We can easily replace or install any automotive remote entry device on any make or model vehicle. Our products and electronic access systems use “rolling codes” or “hopping codes” that make it virtually impossible for anyone to duplicate or guess the combination with the intent of breaking into your car. There are over one trillion possibilities when it comes to our security lock codes.

Transponder Key

Most modern cars now utilize the technologically advanced transponder keys to help prevent car theft. Sometimes referred to as “chip keys”, there are electronics designed inside the plastic part of the key that communicates with the vehicles computer when you turn the ignition key. Traditionally, when you damage or lose transponder keys, you would have to purchase a car key replacement from the dealer. Now you can cut, program, and purchase a transponder key replacement at a much less expensive price.

As you can see, if you need locksmith services such as broken key removal, new or replacement keys, automotive keyless entry systems or transponders key in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas, we can help. We travel all over the DFW metroplex to serve you. We are confident that you will realize we offer superior customer service and the best products available.