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The average commercial business in Dallas often has hundreds of keys for its many locks, vehicles, and security systems, and it’s helpful to work with an experienced and trustworthy commercial Dallas locksmith. Aaron’s Locksmith & Security is your source for sales, installation, and servicing of your commercial locks, security systems, and fleet vehicles.

Our expertly trained and licensed locksmiths can handle any brand of security hardware, and we can also make recommendations on the installation or updates you need for your commercial space. Here are some of the ways we can help make your business more secure.

Commercial Locksmith Services

A regular lock and a deadbolt on the front of a residential home is usually enough security for the average homeowner in Dallas, but commercial locks often require a greater degree of security. It’s surprisingly easy for novice thieves to pick an old lock, so it’s important to update your company’s entrances with high-security locks.

A locked door is one of the best security measures you can take to protect your business, but you may want to consider lock replacement if you’re opening and closing doors that haven’t been updated in several decades. Like everything that has moving parts, locks do eventually wear out, and you don’t want to compromise the security of your employees with old locks.

Our commercial locksmith services will also help get you back into your business if someone accidentally forgot a key. If you’re the last one to leave one night and you realize you left your keys on your desk after the door shuts behind you, don’t worry!

Call Aaron’s Locksmith & Security for fast help from a commercial locksmith in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Business Security SystemsDallas Business Security Systems

You might walk out of your business each day and turn on the security system without really thinking about it, but when was the last time you had the system upgraded and serviced?

In the last few years, commercial  security systems have become incredibly advanced with wireless technology, high-definition video surveillance, and redundancies that make it almost impossible for a thief to gain control of your business’s security.

Hopefully, your Dallas business already has some security measures installed, but if you’re worried about an aging system, you’ll want us to come to your business and make recommendations for security improvements.

Access Control System

An upgrade you may want to consider for your Dallas business is an access control system that eliminates keys or creates greater security for certain areas of your commercial space. One of the benefits with you’ll see when you install card access control systems, or a keyless entry system is that updating an access card or changing the access for employees who leave the company will be exceptionally quick.

Or, if you find that your access control system has been compromised in some way, you won’t need to pay for an expensive re-keying of your company’s entrances. Instead, you can simply update the codes for authorized access cards.

Commercial Safes

Dallas Commercial Security SafesCommercial safes help maintain the integrity of essential documents and security of on-site funds. Even if one of your employees makes a daily drop-off at the bank, those funds still represent a security risk before they’re taken to your financial institution.

If you’re interested in the installation of commercial safes, we’ll come to your business and make recommendations on size, placement, and type. A safe not only keeps your company’s sensitive documents and money safe, but it also increases the safety of your employees.

Commercial Automotive Locksmith Services In Dallas-Fort Worth

If you’ve got a fleet of vehicles making deliveries for your business, it’s a good idea to get the locks on those vehicles serviced on a regular basis. Delivery trucks are an incredible lure for thieves, and you don’t want old locks putting your deliveries or your drivers at risk.

Are your trucks making deliveries with nothing more than old combination locks on the loading doors? As your commercial automotive locksmith, we can improve the security of your commercial fleet with updated locks.