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Over the past decade, vehicle keys have undergone tremendous advancement from simple key fobs with an alarm button to complex key fobs with several buttons and features. If you’re shopping for a new car, it’s likely that your new vehicle may have a push to start key fob, which is convenient and somewhat more costly than the old-style keys you might have used in the past.

Aaron’s Locksmith & Security offers comprehensive smart key replacement in Dallas and Arlington, as well as help when your push to start key battery is dead and reprogramming of your smart keys and push-to-start keys.


Malfunctioning Smart Keys: Sometimes It’s Just a Battery

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An essential feature on your push to start key is the battery, and if you own your vehicle for several years, there’s a chance that the battery will die and your remote start key fob will no longer function. It’s common for Toyota keys like the Prius smart keys and Camry hybrid keys to experience some battery failure after several years of use.

You have the choice of having your vehicle dealership provide smart key programming, or you may find that your local locksmith can provide the same service at a lower cost. Some vehicle dealerships charge for labor as well as for the replacement part, and you may not encounter these high charges with a locksmith.

Can a Non-Dealership Perform Smart Key Programming?

The short answer is yes! Your local hardware store can usually copy your basic house keys or the keys to your backyard shed, but smart key duplication is a whole other ball of wax. Not only does duplication require specific equipment, but smart key programming also requires access to a computer program.

A locksmith’s specialty is working with keys and locks, and Aaron’s Locksmith and Security offers a full-service lock, key, and safe shop and also provides comprehensive lock and key assistance in Dallas and Arlington when you’re on the road and need help from a car locksmith.

The Convenience of a Mobile Locksmith for Your Smart Key

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One of the biggest conveniences of using an Arlington locksmith for your smart key programming is that a locksmith can come to your location to perform the service. Not only is working with a locksmith often less expensive than taking your vehicle into a dealership, but you don’t have to get to the dealership and wait in the office for hours while you wait for your car to receive service.

Smart key programming involves performing the service with the smart key and your vehicle in the same location, which means you can’t just take your key into your dealership and get the key fixed. Your automotive locksmith can come to your location – whether you’re at home or at work or somewhere in-between – and get you back up and running quickly.

Keeping Your Smart Key or Push to Start Key Healthy

You can help reduce the likelihood that you’ll find your push to start key battery is dead or stolen when you go out to your car one weekday morning before work by considering the following.

Use your backup key every once in a while.Keyless Entry Replacement Arlington

If you bought your car new, you likely have more than one set of keys. You might even have an extra key for valet parking. If you have extra smart keys or push to start keys, make sure you use them every few months to make sure your backup key fobs have batteries that work. Don’t get caught with a dead smart key where your backup keys don’t work either!

Don’t hide your keys in obvious places.

A key that sits under a flower pot or on top of a door frame is the first place any thief will look for your house keys. The same goes for your car keys. Don’t leave your keys exposed on the entryway table. Place them in a secure area or a drawer that isn’t going to be immediately obvious to a thief who just wants to get in and out of your house quickly.

Aaron’s Locksmith and Security for All Keys, Old and New

If your main ride is a 30-year-old sedan and you have a basic, featureless car key, there’s no need to panic. Just because newer key fobs have many features on them doesn’t mean that your local locksmith can’t create a copy of your old key, too. From smart key duplication to copying a basic key and fob, Aaron’s Locksmith and Security will help get you back on the road swiftly no matter what kind of car you drive or what type of key you own.