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Home Safe and Security Store

At Aaron’s Locksmith & Security in Dallas, we can provide you with the security and assurance of safety when it comes to your most valued possessions in your home or business premises. We offer a wide range of safes to keep your possessions safe and sound in case of a security breach or in the unfortunate event of natural disasters or fire.

As experts in security, we offer only the best safes available in the market. From Rolland safes designed with over a century of experience to highly rated American Security safes, every safe that we carry is guaranteed to keep your valuables stored securely in your home or office.

Trust us to provide you with the best safes on the market today. Our rates are pocket friendly and we will ensure that you are fully satisfied with our services before we leave your property.

Big & Small Safes: Uses and NeedsDallas Home Safe Store

A safe is a lockable secure box that ranges in size, shape and portability used to secure valuable objects. They are usually shaped as cubes or cylinders with one side featuring a hinged door. They are typically made of layered metal designed to be sturdy and have properties such as fire resistance and resistant to all forms of burglary attempts. Some safes are usually made of plastic through blow molding. Scientific advancements in safe construction have made great strides towards making sure that there are no weaknesses on the safe design.

Safe construction focuses on two main aspects of the safe the box and the lock which are what essentially make it secure. In most cases, safe locks are either mechanical or electronic with some featuring time locks which are usually fitted in bank vaults or other commercial premises. We have incorporated these top of the line skills and advancements in the construction of safes to make sure they offer exactly what is advertised and provide you with the exact safe for your security needs.

Home Safes to Protect Your Family and Personal Belongings

Our home safes come in a varied range of shapes and sizes to ensure that they suit your various needs and preferences. We offer safes that can offer protection from fire, burglary or water damage depending on the type you choose and your preference. Our customers are offered choices when it comes to the type and size of safes offered, and our experts can install home safes depending on their needs.

Safes for home use are a great investment for any home owner, but deciding on which one to install can be a difficult decision. We have got you covered in this department as our highly trained professionals will provide you with the necessary advice on which one suits you and your home best. The type of items you plan on storing in your safe also determines the type of safe you need; no matter what you need to protect, Aaron’s Locksmith & Security has the home safe you need to protect your personal items.

Top of the Line Commercial Safes

We offer businesses a means to secure their cash flow and valuables as they often fall victims to burglaries and internal theft. Commercial safes have been used around the world for quite some time, thus have had incredible advancements over the years. We offer commercial safes that offer new technological advancements to cater for your needs. Our safes range from high security safes that feature anti drilling properties and several security measures.

Dallas and Arlington Commercial Safes

Visit either our Arlington or Dallas Safe Store today!

Office safes which usually have the same features as many home safes but sometimes offer more safety features while having the option of being bolted to the floor. Our deposit safes, which are a great addition to any retail business, feature the ability to deposit cash into the safe without accessing the main safe compartment.

This feature greatly reduces the chances of internal theft and is a great hindrance to burglary. We also carry fire proof, floor and data media storage safes to provide protection for all types of customers. Most of our commercial safe features the ability to with stand high temperatures as some businesses are prone to fires.

Fireproof Safes for Personal & Commercial Use

Fire can cause devastating losses, but by having a fire proof safe you can reduce this by having your most valuable possessions protected. Our fire proof safes offer versatility and can be used at home or at commercial locations. Our safes guarantee longevity, security and top of the line fire resistance to ensure safety to your belongings. Our fire safes are versatile offering more than just fire safety they are also secure while some are waterproof to offer all round protection. The safes also come with the ability to hold a large amount of items while offering uncompromised fire safety.

For gun safes, home & commercial safes, visit our local stores in the DFW area!

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Dallas TX Gun Safes

Whether it’s meant for security or recreational purposes, a gun can be a lethal weapon if it finds

Gun Safe Store Dallas

As one of the most popular names in the safe industry, Winchester produces high quality, state-of-the-art gun safes.

its way into the hands of a burglar or child. As guns can be commonly found in many American households, it’s important for every gun owner to select a safe place to store them. One of the best ways to prevent any potential harm is to keep the firearm locked safely and securely away in a gun safe.

Gun safes are designed specifically for storing weapons. Although your gun may fit in a wall safe or floor safe, these types of safes are not suited to protect it properly. Built with extra locks, pry-proof material, and locking bolt technology, gun safes provide maximum security for your firearms.

At Aaron’s Locksmith & Security, we understand that every gun owner has different needs when it comes to storing and protecting their guns. Hence, we hand select gun safes from the best manufacturers in the industry, each catering to a different need. No matter what gun safe you purchase from our Arlington gun safe store, you can rest assured that it is versatile, durable, and will protect your firearms for years and years to come.

Professional Safe Installation in Dallas & Arlington TX

We have highly competent and experienced professionals that are available to you when it comes to installing and delivering your safe. Safes weigh more than you think even when they seem small; this is due to the heavy metal construction to make it so secure. Floor and wall safes are usually incredibly safe and inconspicuous, but their installation requires professional help which we offer to all our customers.

As standing safes are highly susceptible to theft by just loading it on to a vehicle. We can anchor your safe to the floor eliminating this possibility. Finding an appropriate location for your safe is hard as it is best to keep it in an inconspicuous location; we work with our customers to establish an appropriate location to install the safe.

Safe Drilling

Safe drilling is one of the most popular methods of breaking into a safe or vault. Drilling usually allows burglars to gain access to the safe via observation of the safe’s combination. The weak points of a safe are usually a closely guarded secret by many safe manufacturers and locksmiths to reduce the chances of burglary. Safe manufacturers and locksmiths like us also offer drilling services in case your safe malfunctions or is damaged and you need access to the contents.

Our safes are drill proof by featuring either a hard plate made of steel or a composite made of alloys embedded with tungsten carbide around the lock. The hard plate made of steel is usually wear proof meaning a safe cannot be drilled into it while a composite one shatters the tips of the drill. These features are what make our safes some of the safest and most effective on the market.