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Security Systems

Home Security Systems

Security is a basic human need. It has taken many forms over the centuries. The earliest forms were rudimentary weapons and animals such as dogs. Today, security systems are built using the latest technology available. They are widely used in Dallas businesses and homes. At Aaron’s Locksmith and Security, we have many of the best home security systems available and great business security systems as well.

From monitoring methods to installation and service, when choosing one of our security systems, we will inform you of the various aspects of your home or business system to help you make the right choice. Moreover, we will explain all of the features and capabilities of the system as well. Many of our security systems can perform many other functions in addition to monitoring and protection. They can perform functions such as controlling lighting, thermostat settings, and many additional functions.

Home Security Systems

A home security system is a necessity today. There are many threats facing the well-being of our families and our property. Thus, it is important to protect ourselves from these threats. There are many benefits of having a home security system.

  • They reduce the chances of your home getting broken into. Homes that do not have systems are more likely to get burglarized than those that are secured with a system.
  • Home security systems can inform both you and the local authorities in case of a break-in.
  • With a home security system installed on your property, you can receive discounts on your home insurance policy premiums.


To find out more about our products and how our Dallas-Fort Worth Video Surveillance experts can help enhance the security of your home or business property, contact Aaron’s Locksmith and Security today!


A new home security system will protect you, your family, your property and provide additional financial benefits.

Wireless Home Security Systems

With a color touchscreen, GSM radio, and the ability to control the system straight from your smartphone or the Internet, 2GIG provides the most state-of-the-art capabilities for residential home security.

Aaron’s Locksmith and Security are experts in residential security systems. We provide wireless security systems for home use that come with our 2GIG home automation package option. The security systems have sensors that are placed strategically all over the home. They can either be vibration sensors, motion sensors or even smoke detectors. If an intruder attempts to break into your home they will set off these sensors, which will then cause the system to raise a loud alarm.

This will inform you and your neighbors about the intruders in your property. With the 2GIG home automation package, you will receive security and home management that includes intrusion, fire, access control, light control, energy management and much more.  Both the basic and the monitored home security are affordable and include installation, service, and maintenance and for only a few dollars a day will provide 24-hour emergency monitoring. The monitored home security system is provided and maintained by professional security companies.

Business Security Systems

There are many types of insecurity that face businesses today. They can be external or internal cases. External security issues arise from intruders coming from outside who are attempting to get into your business. Examples of these are burglaries, breaking in and robbery. Internal security issues refer to employees of your business stealing or damaging your business assets.

Examples of these are stealing business information, stealing merchandise or damaging the property. Thus, when choosing a security system for your business, we will help you to choose one that can cover both types of business security needs.

At Aaron’s Locksmith, we have Digital Video Recorder systems that make use of the cameras and microphones strategically placed in and around the property. We offer various types of security camera that can be installed around your business such as night vision or infra-red cameras, dome cameras or outdoor bullet cameras. These cameras are connected to the DVR system that collects and saves the footage.

This footage is saved on a computer and can be relayed to a personal device like a cell phone or tablet, or to another location through the internet. This footage can be used as evidence as well. The DVR can be part of a monitored security system. As such, when the business is broken into, it will inform the authorities and you.

Wireless Security System for Residential & Commercial Use

At Aaron’s Locksmith and Security, we also provide wireless security systems for residential and commercial use. In this type, the cameras and supporting devices are not connected to each other using wires; instead, they are stand alone and independent. The cameras send footage to a central control device.

This device can have an LCD screen for viewing the footage and controlling the system. These devices only require batteries to work. Moreover, some devices can have internet capabilities and the footage can be accessed by your smartphone, tablet or laptop no matter if you are on site or half way around the world.