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Video Surveillance

Dallas Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance technology offers superior benefits for the security of businesses and homes. Video surveillance cameras never tire, and that means your property is always protected when you have a video system in place.

Additionally, surveillance footage helps law enforcement locate and identify potential criminals, and the presence of a surveillance system also deters would-be thieves from taking advantage of your business or home. Wireless video surveillance systems today make it almost impossible for thieves to disable the system by cutting a wire as they might have done in the past.

If your home or business security system doesn’t yet feature a video surveillance system, it’s time to improve your system’s effectiveness with video.

High-Tech Security with Wireless Video Surveillance

Surveillance Security Systems In DallasA video surveillance system from Aaron’s Locksmith and Security is just one part of an effective security system for your home or business. These days, proximity alarms, intruder alerts, and glass break sensors don’t go far enough. The addition of hidden video surveillance completes a comprehensive security system.

One of the best features of today’s wireless systems is that they’re terrific for businesses, but they’re also affordable for regular homeowners. The cameras in your security system are installed as part of a network, and a computer hard drive will save the footage they record so you can inspect it at any time.

In addition to high-tech features that are available for even modest security investments, business and home video surveillance systems also feature all sorts of cameras from night vision devices to tiny hidden cameras that no one would suspect was filming.

A few of the cameras we carry include:

  • Night vision security cameras: Usually employed in outdoor video surveillance systems, night vision cameras are also known as infrared cameras. Although they might seem like a device used in a top secret military installation, they’re actually quite accessible to any homeowner or business owner. These cameras use an infrared beam to “see” in complete darkness, and they work efficiently in outdoor spaces where lights are scarce at night.
  • 360-degree security cameras: These cameras are often housed in a dome and as such are also called “dome cameras.” These cameras feature a 360-degree view, which offers a significant surveillance capability from a single device. They’re also not immediately recognizable as cameras, which means they’re a great option hidden video surveillance.


To find out more about our products and how our Dallas-Fort Worth Video Surveillance experts can help enhance the security of your home or business property, contact Aaron’s Locksmith and Security today!


Placement of Cameras for Your Video Surveillance System

Security Cameras Installed By Dallas Locksmith In Your BusinessOne of the important topics we’ll discuss when designing your security system is the placement, type, and size of the cameras for your property. Sometimes you might want to use highly visible cameras to reduce the likelihood of crimes-of-opportunity. These crimes occur when a thief sees what he thinks is an easy target and tries to commit a crime.

In addition to choosing the right type of camera, you’ll also need to place the cameras so that no potential entry point of your property is without surveillance. This might mean placing cameras at the entrances to the home, as well as at the exterior fence line where someone might try to gain access to the property.

Boost Home and Business Security with Video Surveillance

One of the most important parts of protecting your home or business is designing an effective security system, and Aaron’s Locksmith and Security can help you create a strong defense with high-tech equipment. Installing a few cameras at the front and the back door isn’t enough to outsmart today’s savvy thieves.

You must approach security as a complex system that relies on many elements to create a full web of protection. In addition to standard security features like alarms, we’ll let you know the best spots for installing your cameras. Then, we’ll help you install video surveillance software and make sure your system is working exactly as it should.