Top 3 Main Access Control Methods for Commercial Security

Top 3 Main Access Control Methods for Commercial Security

Alarm Lock Access Control

An Access control system is one of the most recent ways for commercial properties to secure their valuables. Access control security provides Dallas business owners with the power to secure minimum to high level areas at your commercial property.

Access control installation services are available from licensed Dallas locksmiths. However, knowing your options as a commercial property are important when it comes to the type of access control security you purchase for your business.

Digital Keypad Access Control

Digital keypads are a great way to utilize this type of security at your commercial property. These systems are exactly as advertised. Your commercial locksmith comes, installs the keypad at your area of request, and key codes are programmed so that only the employees with the keypad code can get through your doors.

As employees are hired on or let go, you have the power to control and program individual access codes. Digital keypads are a simple way for you to maintain control over the security of your business without having to constantly monitor numerous devices.

Magnetic Card Access

With magnetic card access, there isn’t even a digital key code that employees or employers need to remember to get into the building.  By utilizing magnetic card access control, your Dallas commercial locksmith simply needs to install the security system and program access cards that let your employees into the building when contact is made with the control system.

If you have to let an employee go, simply take their card back, and hold onto it for the next hire. However, we recommend that you advise your employees using magnetic card access to keep their access cards secure in order to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands.

Biometric Access ControlBiometric

This form of access control security utilizes technology that seems like it was only previously accessible to high-level government agencies or science-fiction films. However, with the advancements in technology, many of us find ourselves using biometric access control on a daily basis with smartphones.

The biometric security solution eliminates access codes and cards all together. These security systems work off of fingerprints and facial recognition. For the most efficient way to prevent unauthorized access to your commercial property, biometric access control security is the way to go.

Aaron’s Locksmith & Security Installs the Top Access Control Systems for Dallas

If you are a Dallas business owner that has commercial property that you are trying to secure, look no further than Aaron’s Locksmith & Security. We have experience with installing, repairing, and updating the different types of access control security systems that will keep your valuables safe.

We are proud to provide our security installation services to the Dallas-Fort Worth area at a competitive price that leaves each of our clients satisfied and safe. If you have any questions about our access control system installation methods or the other security services that we offer, call us today. Let our expert locksmiths answer your questions and put your mind at ease.