Top 3 Reasons to Secure Your Business with Access Control

Top 3 Reasons to Secure Your Business with Access Control

3 reasons for access control

If you own a business, it is obvious that business security is one of the first things to look into in order to keep your property safe and under control. In the past, video surveillance has been a success, and owners could always rely on the old-fashioned lock and key.

However, business is like other areas of life; newer technology seems better and can be a great way to boost specific areas of a business. As far as business security goes, new technology is always at the top of the list. Currently, access control systems are one of the most secure ways to keep tabs on the safety of your business. Aaron’s Locksmith and Security has the top 3 reasons why our access control services could be of benefit to your company.

never lose your keys againNever Lose Your Keys Again!

Even though locksmithing is our livelihood, we understand that losing your keys, be it for your car or your business can be extremely frustrating. With access control, there are aspects of the system that allow you to never lose your key again, because there is no key!

With this technology, door access control is controlled through a keypad or an access card reader. Yes, this does mean that you still need to remember the “key” and have your card on you to enter, but you are far less likely to make the mistake of forgetting one of those in comparison to a physical key.

Easy Customization

The business world has a lot of coming and going as new employees enter and older employees leave. In the past, leaving meant turning in your key, and the risk of an ex-employee keeping their key or having one made was an actual issue. This lead to expensive lock changes, new keys, etc.

With access control security systems, employees can be granted access on an individual basis. This is an extremely customizable system that works for the employer. If someone leaves, you simply have to go in and delete their code in the system. Access control systems are harder to duplicate for this reason alone. The ability to quickly change your system’s parameters on an individual basis keep your doors secured and sealed on your terms.

Recorded Activity Log

Using an access control panel in your business will help you stay on top of who comes into your business and when. This can be very useful when it comes to controlling your building. For example, let’s say you start to notice things going missing around the office. Using the recorded activity log on your access control system, you could easily track down who came in and at what time; ultimately narrowing down the potential thief.

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