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Transponder Keys-Dallas Locksmith Services

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Transponder keys have made the automotive locksmith craft even more specialized than it was before. An auto locksmith must not only be skilled at working with hardware, but also skilled at working with software.

What Are Transponder Keys?

A transponder key has a microchip embedded in the key. The microchip emits a radio signal that gives the key’s serial number to the car’s computer. This innovation makes it much more difficult to steal a car. A physical copy of the key will not start the car by itself. If the transponder key does not give the car’s computer the correct serial number, the car will not start. Some transponder key systems will sound an alarm if someone with a damaged or fraudulent key attempts to start the vehicle.

Auto Locksmith for Transponder Key Service

The significant increase in protection against auto theft that transponder keys provide can also mean increased inconvenience if you lose your keys. It takes a skilled, licensed automotive locksmith to cut a new key and reset the password in the replacement key. He or she will need your authorization to access the transponder key serial number. This makes it even more important to find a reputable automotive locksmith if you lose your transponder key. You want to be sure that the locksmith you call will have a blank transponder key for your make and model of vehicle.

Car Key Replacement to Avoid Emergency Locksmith Service

You can avoid much of the inconvenience associated with losing a transponder key by keeping a spare. If you lose your transponder key, your spare may have no serial number until you insert it in the ignition and your vehicle resets the password for that transponder key. Depending on the vehicle manufacturer, this process of resetting the password can take as much as 30 minutes before it will start the vehicle. Also depending on the manufacturer, you may be able to reset the password yourself. You may want to save yourself quite a bit of anxiety by calling an automotive locksmith to reset the password. You will not need to worry about your lost key starting your car.

Even if someone finds your lost transponder key and can match it to your vehicle, your car will not accept the old serial number emitted by the chip on the old transponder key. The car may sound an alarm if someone tries to do this.


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Car LocksmithTransponder keys do not make vehicles completely theft-proof. It is still possible for a car thief with a tow truck to simply tow a car to a chop shop. Hacking a password for a transponder key is extremely difficult, so auto theft as a crime of opportunity much less likely.

Auto manufacturers that make vehicles with transponder keys have tight security systems to guard the passwords for the keys they have issued. They are even reluctant to share them with locksmiths. They share them almost exclusively to the authorized users of vehicles. If you lose your key and do not have a spare, you may need to contact the manufacturer as well as an automotive locksmith.

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