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Video Surveillance Systems

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It is an unfortunate fact of life that retailers must account for loss due to shoplifting as a cost of doing business. This cost of doing business is increasing for many retailers as shoplifters become more brazen if not more sophisticated. Shoplifting is one of the core sources for the need for video surveillance systems in nearly every retail establishment.

Some shoplifters will approach a window or counter at a retail outlet, ask for one or two cartons of cigarettes, and then simply walk out with the cigarettes without paying. With a carton of cigarettes going for $50 or more, such a crime can be quite lucrative for the thief and an expensive loss for the retailer. Other shoplifters will walk into a supermarket at its busiest time, grab what they want, and calmly walk out of the store with the merchandise as though they had paid for it.

Commercial Video Surveillance Systems For Business Security

Commercial video surveillance systems have become an important part of business security systems. They can reduce the cost of doing business associated with shoplifting and shrinkage due to employees taking five-finger discounts. As with other business security systems, a retailer needs to decide if a video surveillance system should be obvious or covert.

Video Surveillance SignA large camera in the store or signs announcing that a surveillance system is in use can help some shoplifters and robbers decide to move on to another store. The disadvantage of this strategy is that it can also cause paying customers to select another store in which to shop. They may be protective of their privacy or feel that it diminishes their shopping experience.

Of course, some shoplifters will not notice cameras or signs, or won’t care that they are being monitored. Other business security systems, such as not giving customers their cigarettes until they pay for them, will be needed to prevent theft.

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How Commercial Video Surveillance Systems Help Prosecute Criminals

Video Surveillance CameraIf a theft does occur, a video surveillance system can help with the prosecution of brazen shoplifting. The tapes from a video surveillance system can be used to identify a shoplifter who walks away with cartons of cigarettes. The tapes can also be entered into evidence at the shoplifter’s trial.

A videotape is a more effective means of identifying a criminal that witness testimony. Not only is a videotape more reliable than a human memory, but it can circumvent collusion between a retail employee and a shoplifter.

Prevent Theft From Shoplifters & Employees With Video Surveillance Systems for Business

A video surveillance system can do much to reduce or eliminate loss due to employee theft, especially if used in conjunction with other business security systems, such as requiring a balanced till. However, a store owner or manager may need to decide which employees can have access to the system, so that it cannot be easily circumvented.

Video Surveillance SystemsAs with shoplifters, some employees will be deterred from raiding the till or stealing merchandise simply because they know that a video surveillance system is in use. Others may look for gaps in the system. They will try to learn when and where the system is not looking. A high quality video surveillance system will make it difficult for them to do this.

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