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Why You Need a Gun Safe in 2017


If you own firearms, having a gun safe is one of the smarter investments you can make. Investing in a solid, well-made gun safe can help prevent tragedies from happening and lessen the impact of those that can’t be avoided.

Gun Safes In Home Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, there’s a residential structure fire every 85 seconds. You’re probably aware that quality firearms are not cheap. In fact, many gun owners’ collections cannot only cost several thousands to replace, but some may be very rare and irreplaceable. The average temperature of a house fire is 1200 degrees. A well-made gun safe should be rated and tested to withstand this temperature for an allotted amount of time.  Both safe brands Aaron’s Locksmith and Security carry, Winchester gun safes, and American Security offer proven fire protection above this industry standard with special attention made to details such as door seals, which will expand when needed to help block heat out.

Gun Safes and Firearm Theft

Many people own a rifle, shotgun or handgun for home defense. However, when you’re not home your firearm itself is defenseless. Thieves will ransack your home knowing to look in the most obvious places you would keep your firearm without a safe.  If you are unlucky enough to come home to find yourself the victim of a burglary, including the theft of your firearms, your headaches have just begun. Your first call should be to the local law enforcement agency. Contacting local authorities is essential to the possible quick recovery of your firearms. If you own numerous firearms, odds are you have other friends who do as well. You’re probably part of this lifestyle and enjoy hunting or shooting with them. So, besides the fact you’ve now had your house broken into, you now have the embarrassing stigma of being the gun owner among your friends who didn’t think to secure them from theft.

Gun Safes and Children

No one wants to see a child find a loaded rifle or handgun. In Texas, if your weapons are not properly secured and you have children around, you could find yourself being prosecuted in criminal court.  Texas Penal Code 46.13 addresses making a firearm accessible to a child. Under this Texas law, if a child under 17 years old is able to gain access to a readily dischargeable firearm (loaded with ammunition, whether a round is chambered), a person is criminally liable if he or she, “with criminal negligence”

  •  Failed to secure the firearm (i.e., take steps a reasonable person would take to prevent the access to a readily dischargeable firearm by a child, including, but not limited to placing a firearm in a locked container or temporarily rendering the firearm inoperable by a trigger lock or other means)
  •  Or left the firearm in a place, which the person knew or should have known the child would gain access.

Gun Safes in Dallas

Gun safes are available in numerous sizes and configurations to fit each gun owner’s individual needs. Some are designed for handguns only while other gun safes are even designed to be under the bed for faster access. Gun safe manufacturers also now offer great accessories to go along with safes such as pistol racks and accessory door panels to store loaded magazines or other small home valuables. Please contact us now for more information about gun safes or any questions you may have.